Are you...
feeling anxious, depressed, or uncertain with your life choices?

Do you have difficulty with mood swings, or have other difficulties at home, college, or at work? Difficulties with substances or gambling?
If you are experiencing any of these types of issues, please call me to schedule an appointment or receive a free phone consultation. My life's passion is to help individuals, couples, and families move away from these struggles, and progress toward a more productive and satisfying life.
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About Bob Testen

1986 Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
--University of Illinois at Chicago
1992 Master of Social Work
--University of Illinois at Chicago, Jane Addams School of Social Work

I began A Life's Journey Counseling Center, P.C. in 2005 to fulfill my life's ambition of providing quality psychotherapy to those wanting to engage in their own personal journey toward their life's goals, ambitions, and confront their life's challenges. Shortly after I added the role of Consulting Clinical Coordinator for NCPHP, assisting licensed professionals. Prior to relocating to Chapel Hill, NC with my family, I held the position of Lead Therapist/Manager for Rush Pres.-St. Luke's Medical Center's/Elmhurst Hospital's Professionals Partial Hospitalization Program. Earlier I held the position of Manager for the McNeal Hospital psychiatric, dual diagnosis, and geriatric partial hospitalization programs. My journey as a therapist started in 1986 for the Fillmore Community Mental Health Center's ILC psychiatric vocational rehabilitation center.

My training is in a family systems approach to treatment. As a therapist I'm very interactive. I do not sit quietly without a response, but rather share my reactions and offer genuine feedback. I integrate a variety of techniques - not limiting myself to one treatment approach because we are all unique. I draw from psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral therapy, as well as DBT.

Professional Affiliation: NASW
My pronouns are he, him, his.

I Treat

  • Mood disorders: depression, anxiety, panic attacks, bipolar disorders
  • Relationship difficulties with significant others, family, peers, at school, or in the workplace
  • Dual diagnosis: co-occurring mental health and substance use disorder
  • Student life challenges
  • Individuals 15 years of age and older
  • Licensed professionals, including those experiencing challenges with their employers and licensure boards
  • Problem gambling
  • All genders and sexual orientations



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